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Online Psychotherapy

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Talking to a psychologist, can help alleviate suffering and try to help you toward finding your ways for fulfilment in life. Often it is our autopilot that takes over the controls and counselling can help to empower yourself with greater self-awareness to help break the cycles of behaviour that may have been repeating from an early age.

The new technologies can bring us advantages, now more than ever we communicate with family, friends, co-workers, through video call, making possible another way of "being" with someone.

Online psychotherapy is a safe and confidential space that means you can:

  • make your sessions even if travelling or abroad

  • relax in the comfort of your own home

  • save time on transport if you have a busy schedule

  • still care for children or elderly relatives at home

  • due to the geographical distance from your place of residence and my office;


The online psychology consultation by video call is similar to the face-to-face consultation, lasts 50 minutes, in a safe and private space, where all the ethical, deontological and legal rules of the Portuguese Psychologists Order are respected, which regulate the confidentiality and privacy of the Query.


In the online psychology consultation, it is recommended to be in a quiet space with privacy, where there are no interruptions. Consultations by video call will be carried out using a webcam. The feature of this service requires that the person has equipment for remote communication by video call, such as Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, accessible to both psychologist and client.


If you have to cancel your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours in advance, by email or phone, and will be rescheduled later without requiring any additional payment.

When scheduling your appointment I will send you all the information regarding it, being available to clarify your questions. When making an appointment, several types of payment are available via ATM, mbway, payshop.



Skype is a free video call communication platform, if you don't have one, the download link is: http://www.skype.com/pt/.


Schedule your consultation online:  catiacastro.psicologia@gmail.com

Online Psychotherapy

Wherever you are in the World