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Online Psychology Consultation

Enjoy theconvenience and flexibility of online psychology consultations, carried out viaskype. Seeking to adapt to your rhythm of life, online consultations offer the advantage of being carried out in the comfort of your home or any place that is convenient for you. With theduration of 50 minutes, each online consultation is a space where you can explore and understand your emotions, thoughts and behaviors. In the same way as in face-to-face consultations, we will look for explore the reason for the appointment and what you feelin addition to understandingyour personal development journey. Together, we will develop strategies that aim to improve your mental health and psychological well-being.

Online consultations are a good option for those who have a tight schedule, or live geographically far from the office, or prefer avoid travelling, or even, because feel more comfortable in a familiar environment. In addition, it provides greater flexibility in working hours, allowing psychotherapy to be reconciled with other daily responsibilities.

Investing in your mental health is key. Book your appointment online, no matter where you are.

Online Consultation

  • Online consultation via Skype video call: catia_mcastro

  • Payment is made by MBWAY: 933 828 512

    For receipt we need your NIF number, name and insurance policy number. 

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