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Amoreiras Square Building, Rua Carlos Alberto da Mota Pinto, No. 17, Floor 3A

1070-313 Lisbon.


202 Rails

711 Rails

713 rails

723 rails

748 rails

753 rails

758 rails

774 rails

783 Rails

107 Lisbon Transport

185 Lisbon Transport

11 Vimeca

13 Vimeca

15 Vimeca

Cais do Sodré

Bairro Padre Cruz (blue zone, dawn)

Terreiro do Paço
Alto da Damaia (blue zone)

Alameda D. Afonso Henriques
Campolide station

Algés (pink zone)

Marquis of Pombal
Linda-a-Velha (pink zone)

South Center
Pr. José Fontana (gray zone)

Cais do Sodré
Portas de Benfica (blue zone)

Campo de Ourique
Gomes Freire (orange zone)

Amoreiras (Commercial C.)
Portela - R. Mouzinho Albuquerque (red zone)

Idanha (Chataria)
Marquis of Pombal

Amadora (Hospital)
Marquis of Pombal

Marquis of Pombal

Marquis of Pombal
Cheeses (Carnaxide)

Marquis of Pombal

Blue line

Lisbon Metro

- Marquis of Pombal

Yellow line

Lisbon Metro

- Marquis of Pombal
- Mouse


24E Rails

Praça Luis de Camões destination in Campolide


Amoreiras Square

24h Parking

Rua Silva Carvalho Nº265 Lisbon


Google Maps

from the parking lot

If you take the metro, you'll have to get off at theMouse orMarquis of Pombal and, walk about 15 minutes to reach the destination. You can also choose one of the Carris or Tram 24 bus routes.


If you use your own transport, there is an underground car park inside the Amoreiras Square Building with direct access to the lobby on the 1st floor, which you will then have to take the lift to the 3rd floor. and parallel to the Building, is a 24-hour parking lot.

Edifício Amoreiras Square
Entrada Edifício Amoreiras Square
Consultório Recepção
Eléctrico 24 Amoreiras
Estacionamento Edifício Amoreiras Square 24h
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